The Sdf Response Plan Against Coronavirus in Cameroon.


In a two page document signed by the first vice president of the Social Democratic Front, Hon. Joshua Osih, the Sdf party challenges the present Corona response plan of the government which to them gives powers only to a particular political party to fight the pandemic.
To the opposition party, Cameroon is far behind in terms of responding to the dangers presented by the virus.

Joshua Osih calls on the government to open up and create a synergy of opposition political parties, civil society organizations, religious and traditional authorities.
The powers of Cameroons leadership need to be felt by all now he added.

The Communique identifies two major classes of people who are likely to contain the “biggest pain” of the virus should nothing is done.

The first being the vulnerable population caught up in war zone like in the Far North Region and most especially in the restive North West and South West regions.

To these population, the Sdf demands that the government sets up special measures to prevent the spread of the virus given that the insecurity nature of the areas has made it difficult for sensitisation to be carried coupled with the fact that most health facilities in the regions have either shut down, or are operating below standards for lack of enough personnel of technical dispositions.
The communities are this exposed to the deadly virus.

The Sdf through the communique enjoins the warring factions to immediately declare a ceasefire and safe the live of Cameroonians for public health is priceless.
The other class of people likely to suffer from the effects of Corona virus are economic operators most of whom are in the informal sector.

The Social Democratic Front request that the Head of State through the state budget should fix special compensatory advantages per sector of the economy and communicate the concerned.

the party encouraged the health personnel who are working tirelessly to respond to the virus across the country promising them total support from the party.

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